About Us


We are located in a Triangle of land between Sivutha Avenue and Street 11 in Siem Reap, near to Pub Street. Hence our name. But much more than that we have a three-fold identity …

triangle-guests-2Restaurant Our restaurant can produce delicious food for you, from Khmer specialities such as Amok and curries to Western favourites. Don’t forget to try our delicious bar-be-cue items cooked freshly on our charcoal grill when you order them.









triangle-guestsLounge Our lounge is there for you to relax in. Whether you want afternoon tea after you come back from the temples, or you want simply to relax while getting your breath from the whirlwind of things to do in Siem Reap, you can chill here. And don’t forget our swing seats. These are the ideal way to have an easy time. They fit very nicely for casual diners too!








barBar Our full-service bar offers you a choice of all your favourite drinks and cocktails. We have soft drinks too if you prefer.










locationAdd to the above our location – on the upper floor of the BB Centre, over-looking the hustle and bustle below. You can sit by the extensive balcony and watch the world go by beneath you.









groupFinally don’t forget our music. Our resident groups will entertain you every night from 9pm, with a selection of popular songs, and will even sing your requests.











Relax – Eat – Drink and Enjoy!