Microsoft Word - Khmer Tasting set menu-3.docOur nine course Khmer Tasting menu is the speciality of the house. Sit and enjoy the flavours of Cambodia, while taking in the atmosphere of our elegant dining experience.

You start the meal with Pomelo with crispy pork fritters and a prawn salad which will dance tangoes on your tongue. The sharpness of the pomelo contrasting perfectly with the main ingredients.

A banana flower and shredded chicken salad will follow this. The delicacy of the banana flowers will amaze you. And yes, you are really eating flowers and the taste – just wait til you experience it!

We move you on to a pounded long bean and dried shrimp salad. This is robust in flavour and the long bean is a staple vegetable in Khmer foods.

Fried eels in Khmer spices is a signature dish for the area. When times are hard and all one can get are the eels, this is stock food everywhere. But at Raja, we make a delightful meal for you from this dish, turning local food into an art form.

Stir fried chicken and ginger takes on a new lease of life in the treatment our chefs give it. You have to try it to believe it.

Amok is a dish unique to Cambodia. Here we offer you local fresh river fish, gently steamed with coconut milk and true Khmer spices to make this a gourmet’s delight. This is served in a young coconut shell for the real authentic experience.

Chicken sour soup with preserved lime is another unique flavour combination. Enjoy these two ingredients and see for yourself how they meld together.

These dishes are all served with Khmer Jasmine white rice.

For the finale of the meal, we offer you a selection of Khmer sweets. This is traditional Khmer food at its best and served for you.

Microsoft Word - International Menu-3.doc