About Us

raja-diningFor authentic Khmer food at its best, you can’t do better than Raja Angkor. From our gods and demons at our entrance, to the flaming torches in our Khmer dining room, you get the feeling of Cambodia. We serenade you with Khmer music and you can sit and look at our carvings and leather cut outs.








Try our Khmer tasting menu where you raja-tablecan have nine courses of authentic Khmer food. Try our curries, soups and salads, and finally our deserts – all these Khmer traditional foods are freshly prepared for you. We also have an extensive Western menu with a bar-be-cue, pasta, pizzas and choices of meats and fish.








raja-bbqLocated at the side of the Sivutha Boulevard, Siem Reap, the main road leading to Angkor, we take our theme from the great temples of the past and the local traditions of today.









raja-barKhmer traditions in a modern form. Come and enjoy Raja Angkor Restaurant.